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Family photo of Finn WeeThere were many fond memories with Halifax Montessori and friends that Leia (and us parents) hold dearly. Thank you once again, for preparing Leia towards her next phase of life.

- Testimony from parents of
Leia Goh (Singapore), Class of 2016

Family photo of Finn WeeMatteo has really enjoyed his time with all the team and we are so thankful that he has been so well taken care of considering the big changes that the whole family was going through with our move from France to Singapore. I remember my husband telling me on the first day he brought him to school that he barely looked back as he entered the class. Same thing happened when I brought him the next day. My husband and I are very attentive on these tiny details which show that our little one felt at ease since day 1. We have been incredibly impressed with your nurturing, caring and professional approach to child care. Thank you so much for all you have done in making our son feel comfortable, cared for and safe.

As a Mom, I can only wish that his next journey will be filled with the same joy and excitement for learning that he has found amongst you.

- Testimony from mother of
Matteo Mazza (Franch), Class of 2016

Family photo of Finn Wee65 months. That's how long Itzel's Halifax journey as she completes her pre-school and moves to formal education. I cannot forget her first day in school, countless times we sign her in and out of school (sometimes urgently), occasions when she was 'red-carded' (barred) due to feverish symptoms, her Sports Days, concerts and Parents-Teacher-Meets. Thanks, Halifax Montessori for preparing Itzel for her new phase of life..

- Testimony from parents of
Itzel Poh's (Singapore), Class of 2016

Family photo of Finn WeeEven though it is still a month away, I want to thank the teachers and Ms Maria for the good care you have given him, especially as he joined the school only this year.  He has been practising hard for the concert and he has made good friends. I only wish we discovered the school earlier!

- Eliot Smith (Class of 2016)

Family photo of Finn WeeMy husband and I are very glad we made the decision to enroll Finn in your institution back in 2011. We love that it is a simple place with solid values where children can learn, grow and find happiness. The heart your teachers put into everything is undeniable. Thank you.

Finn has had such a fantastic 4 years at Halifax, he’s really going to miss it. In fact, he has told me he wants to go back to Halifax for visits in the future. He said, “Can. Can go back to Halifax even after you leave.” So thank you, again, for caring, guiding and inspiring Finn in his formative years.

- Testimony from parents of
Finn Wee (Singapore), Class of 2015

Family portrait of Shalin ChattreeShalin was at Halifax when she was about 18 months' old and now she is almost 7 years old, how time flies. For us as parents, we are very grateful to all the members of Halifax. It has been a very fruitful journey, not just for Shalin but also for us, as parents. Thank you very much.

Next year, Shalin will move on to Primary 1 and we hope to continue to participate in some of the Halifax activities, such as school camp or moon cake event, etc. so that we can continue to experience the "Halifaxian" spirit.

- Testimony from parents of
Shalin Chattree(Singapore), Class of 2015

postcard from Michel Coutte's parents

- Testimony from Michel Coutte (France),
Class of 2015



Postcard from bouteiller family

- Testimony from parents of
Mariana Bouteiller (France), July 2015

photo of Caedne's familyDear Halifax Montessori Teachers & Management Staff,

Just a little note of appreciation for all the support you have given Caeden in the last 4 years in Halifax School. We appreciate everything you have done and the time you have taken to invest in our son's future.

Thanks & Regards,
Caeden's Mummy & Daddy

- Testimony from parents of
Caeden Kwang (Singapore), Class of 2014

postcard from the Griffiths family

- Testimony from parents of
Dylan Griffiths (Australia), December 2014

Dear Staff,

My family and I would like to thank all the staff of Halifax Montessori for organising a wonderful Sports Day with yummy treats...love the desserts. We enjoyed ourselves. A big thank you from us :)

Cheers, Gwyneth's and Gabriel's mum

- Testimony from parents of

Gwyneth and Gabriel Tan (Singapore), July 2014

Our ex-Chinese Language teacher for Nursery Class

Dear Parents:

I am Zhang Laoshi from Apple class. Thank you parents for the care and warm regards, I am very touched! I have now returned to China, my hometown --- Hubei. Everything is fine. Thank you! In the past seven years, I really enjoyed with all the kids together every day, every moment, they gave me a lot of happiness and beautifull memories. I can never forget that I love them and miss them. Parents please continue to support the school, it is a happy paradise and love cradle for kids. Bless the children grow up happily and healthy. Parents sincerely thank you again! ! Welcome to China Travel! !

- Ex-Chinese Teacher,
Zhang JinXia laoshi (China), May 2014

We want to take this opportunity to send our heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers & staff at Halifax for the care & dedication in making sure that Gareth has an enjoyable learning journey while he was in your school.

We have seen Gareth picked up an extensive range of vocabulary & life skills while he was there and would not hesitate to recommend our friends whenever an opportunity arises. Meanwhile, please convey our appreciation to each of his teachers should we not have an opportunity to meet them in person.

Many thanks and best regards. Michael and Angie Goh

- Testimony of parents from Singapore

Mrs Prachi Malhotra (mother of Deea, Tangerine class) commented:

I would like to thank the school,teachers and everybody else involved in the Japanese day celebration. It was a great effort on part of all of you to bring about cultural awareness in our children. Deea was really happy and loved each one of her japanese snack:-)

- Testimony of parents from India

We want to thank you (Ms. Maria), Ms. Fiona, Zhang Laoshi, Ms. Jing Jing for all you brought to Juliette. She enjoyed the school very much and learnt a lot. We regret to leave because we will never find such a level of quality, kindness and careful school in Franece

Thank you again, Caroline Braun (Mother of Juliette, Tangerine Class).

- Testimony of parents from France

Halifax Montessori... Best! Caring teachers with a big heart... That is where Vera grew up. A little late, but wishes all the teachers there, a Happy Teachers' Day.

God Bless! Mr Yap Chong Jin

- Testimony of parents from Singapore

- Testimony of parents from Germany

Testimony Of A Former Student

Following is an article from our alumni, Mazie Tan. Mazie is 12 yrs old and she wrote the article in June 2009 as a requirement for her direct entry application to a secondary school. All of us at Halifax Montessori Childcare, are very proud of Mazie. We wish her all the best in her future endeavour and continue to soar to greater heights.

by Mazie Tan

  •  “Giving back to society.” That is one of the many morals I have learnt from my many years spent in Halifax Montessori Childcare. Halifax was where I began my learning journey. I grew up in Halifax Montessori Childcare and after I graduated, I spent another 5 years there in the student care program. The school has inculcated in me many principles, values and morals in life, and I left the school with sweet memories that I know would be etched in my heart forever.
  • Nobody can grow up without help and everyone needs guidance at any point of their lives. We should always remember our roots’ and exhibit the good values that have been instilled in us. I am Primary Six this year, and I have to say that I have come quite far since the day I left my childcare. I have since learnt a lot more of skills, values and morals in my primary school – Marymount Convent School and am still on my learning journey. From Primary 3 to Primary 6, I have voluntarily performed for Halifax Montessori Sports Days and Concerts. These performances were important as they were golden opportunities for me to “give back” to the school that played a vital role in seeding my learning journey as well as to be a proud ambassador for the school.
  • During the Primary Six Mid- year examinations, I performed quite well and reaped good results. However, I did not forget where I had acquired the basic skills of learning and self-discipline from. Until now, I still practice what I learnt in Halifax, like time management and self-discipline and that has helped me to plan and follow my schedule well, giving myself just the right amount of time to study, exercise and play.
  • Every now and then, I still reminisce about the fun times I had in Halifax. I still keep in touch with some of my good friends from Halifax and we became the unofficial alumni. Missing my old school a lot, I decided to pay it and the teachers there a visit, as well as to help out during the school holidays. Just standing outside the school sent thousands of memories rushing into my mind. That was when I realized that the teachers in Halifax had taught me one of the most important morals in life. “Giving back to society.” Not many people actually practice giving back to society and not many even remember their roots’. Being able to accomplish both, I feel proud of myself. Not many people consider this a real accomplishment, but to me, I know that I have truly accomplished something that not many people can.

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