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Meet Our Management Team

Halifax Montessori Childcare Founder & Director - Ms. Yeo Hwee Fung

photograph of Ms. Hwee Fung familyYeo Hwee Fung holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Psychology, from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Since her childhood, Hwee Fung has dreamt to be a mother and teacher. She started the school in 1996 because of her passion in working with children. She believes that children are like clean white canvasses. Whatever adults do and say to them are like spatters of paint dropped on the canvasses, leaving irremovable marks. Her mission is to assist parents in painting beautiful, colourful and meaningful pictures on these canvasses.

Being a working mother of 3 primary and Secondary school children, Hwee Fung understands first hand what today's working parents experienced. She is also in tune with parent's expectation of their children. Way before she became a parent, she worked towards building an ideal school for her children-to-be. All her 3 children grew up happily in Halifax Montessori Childcare and today, she is proud to say that she has achieved what she set out to do and continues to improve and innovate for the interest of all the children in her care.

Hwee Fung is very much involved in the running of the school, on a day-to-day basis. Together with the Principal, she ensures that the children receive quality care, education, meals and nutrition at the school. She also oversees the finance and operating functions of the school.

Principal - Mrs. Maria Low

photo of Principal Maria LowMaria joined our school as a Montessori Directress in 1998 and has been our Principal since 2004. In addition to her International Diploma in Montessori (London Montessori Centre), Maria also holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and a Diploma in Pre-school Management & Administration. Maria is married with 3 daughters and has 2 grandchildren. She provides leadership to the teachers and implements the curriculum. She places heavy emphasis on maintaining the school's hygiene and cleanliness. Maria also communicates regularly with our parents.

Communications Director - Ms. Yeo Hwee Cheng

photo of communication director Ms. Yeo Hwee ChengHwee Cheng has been a director of the school since 1995 but was not involved in the daily operations of the school until August 2008. She brings with her 16 years of Marketing and Communications experience in the Cruise and Leisure industry. She also spent a year (2007 – 2008) in an International Montessori School in Vietnam, assisting in the production of the school's Newsletter and event management. Since joining our school, Hwee Cheng has been instrumental in the setting up of the school's web site, Newsletter production and other Marketing & Communications matters. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from National University of Singapore and a Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from SEED Institute.

Administrator - Ms. Catherine Tan

photo of office administrator Ms. Catherine TanMs Catherine Tan joined us on Jan, 2010. Ms. Catherine brings with her more than 30 years of secretarial and administrative experience. She has also a Certificate in Quality Infant and Toddler Care-Giving since 2004 and had worked briefly in an Infant and Toddler centre. Prior to Halifax Montessori, she was the Administrator of a Kindergarten with a very large enrolment.

Introducing The Academic Team

photograph Halifax Montessori teachers

Halifax Montessori Childcare places great emphasis on the selection of staff. Our teaches are mature professional who have made a long-term commitment to the educational profession They present good language models, are great facilitators for children’s learning and will guide children to grow towards independence and self-confidence through many enjoyable experiences. With their collective experiences and adhering closely to the Montessori Method we are confident that they can make a difference in nurturing children's needs to discover, grow and ultimately achieving their highest potential.

Class Teacher (Playgroup) -

Ms Banu joined our school in October 2015. She was trained in Accounting and has a Diploma in Accounting from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. After working for a few years, she found her calling in teaching and completed her Diploma in pre-School Education - Teaching in 2007. She had worked in several other pre-schools before joining us. Currently, she is pursuing her Degree in English Language and Psychology from Uni Sim. She is married with two children.

The Tangerine children like Ms Banu because of her calm and gentle ways. She believes in allowing the children to make mistakes in order to learn and grow.

Montessori Directress (Playgroup) - Ms. Betty May Espinosa Nool

photo of Ms Espinosa NoolBetty has a degree in Education, majoring in English. Betty worked in a Montessori School in the Philippines as an Elementary Teacher for 5 years, prior to joining her husband in Singapore. She joined our school in 2007, took a 1 year break in 2011 and is back with our Halifax community. Betty is a very dedicated and constructive teacher. Her youthfulness gels her and her class children well.

Class Teacher (Nursery) - Ms. Erika de Guzman

photo of Ms. GuzmanMs Erika joined our school in September 2014. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been trained in the Philippines. Ms Erika is very patient with children and they enjoy her story-telling and music-movement sessions. Erika's philosophy in early childhood education is “Every child needs respect”; she strives to create a nurturing and conducive learning environment for her class.

Montessori Directress (Nursery) - Ms. Kwok Jing Jing

photo of Ms. KwokJing Jing has been the assistant teacher in the Playgroup class since 2007. She has completed her Diploma in Montessori Education in 2010 and is since the Assistant Teacher for the Nursery class. Having a happy and bubbly character, Jing Jing enjoys working with children. Prior to joining us, she was a babysitter and Assistant Teacher in Speech and Drama Camps.

Class Teacher (Kindergarten) - Ms. Yeo Hwee Cheng

photo of Ms. Yeo Hwee ChengMs Hwee Cheng began her Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Leadership training in 2008 and has taught in the Nursery and Kindergarten level since. Being a mother has leveraged her experience as a teacher. Her science background encourages her to embrace the 5E teaching pedagogy (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate). She believes in allowing the curiosity in the child to flourish as it promotes observation, creative thinking and learning.

Montessori Directress (Kindergarten) - Ms. P. Inthira

photo of Ms. InthriaMs Inthira has always been in the service industry ensuring that guests in the International Hotels were well taken care of. Though she has been commended for good work her heart has always been to work with children. Having two children, only confirmed this desire. Inthira joined us as an Assistant Teacher in 2005 and has not looked back. She has since been trained in The Fitzroy Literacy Programme, which our school uses as a supplementary reading programme. She spends time with each child to introduce the reading materials and charts their progress. Her easy going nature and witty ways have won over many of the children's hearts. Inthira also has a Diploma in Montessori Teaching.

Senior Chinese Teacher (Kindergarten) - 袁蓓老师 Ms. Yuan Bei

photo of Ms. YuanYuan Bei graduated from Shanghai's Teacher Training College and was a Primary School teacher for 7 years before moving to Singapore with her husband. They have 2 children. Yuan has been with our school since 1998 and is now the Senior Chinese Teacher, overseeing the school's Chinese programme. Juggling between teaching, mothering and being a loving wife, she completed her Diploma course in Early Childhood Education in 2005.

She aims to enable children to learn Chinese in a fun and relaxed manner, inculcating a love for the language, mastering the language and encouraging frequent usage in their daily lives. Yuan emphasizes on being the role-model for her class children. She is warm, sincere, caring and patient. She hopes to nurture her class children to be well-developed individuals in terms of virtue, intelligence, physical and kindness.

Chinese Teacher (Nursery) – 李飞老师 Ms. Li Fei

photograph of Ms. LiLi Fei laoshi has been the Mandarin teacher for Apple Class since April 2014. She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and has worked in Singapore for a year prior to joining our school. Through games, songs, dances, rhymes and story-telling, Li laoshi exposes children to the Chinese language and generates their interest in the language. She motivates them to speak and express their needs in Chinese, resulting in fluency of the language.

Chinese Teacher (Playgroup) – 唐傲雪老师 Ms. Tang Ao Xue

photograph of Ms. TangTang AoXue laoshi joined us in April, 2015. Tang laoshi is young and bubbly. She is from Wuhan, China but received her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (Mandarin) in Singapore’s Nanyang Institute of Management. Her training had exposed her to a few other childcare settings and she enjoyed working with young children. Tang laoshi is passionate about early childhood education. She is creative in her teaching methods and loves to try new ways in engaging the children.

Chinese Teacher (Playgroup) – 鲁晶老师 Ms. Lu Jing

photo of Ms. LuLu Jing laoshi is an experienced teacher in China. She settled down in Singapore after her marriage and has a son. She is loving and affectionate to the children. She engages the toddlers in her class through song and dance and intrigues them with interesting props such as puppets.

Student Care Teacher Ms. Hwee Fung

photo of Ms. Hwee FungMs Yeo Hwee Fung holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Psychology, from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Hwee Fung oversees the “Before and After School Care” programme and plans holiday activities for this group of children.

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