Halifax Montessori


Every meal in the school is carefully planned, prepared and cooked in the school’s kitchen by our experienced cooks. Our menu changes daily and is rotated once every 6 weeks. The menu is planned according to the children’s nutritional needs, resulting in a healthy and balanced diet. The only meat we serve to our children are fish and chicken. Vegetarian cuisines are served on certain days to encourage the children to eat more vegetables and tofu. The school served a variety of dishes ranging from Chinese and other Asian cuisines to Western food. Children in our full day programme will have their morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea in school. In class, the children are constantly reminded to consume fluids.

photograph of children enjoying a meal in school

Bee Tai Mak Soup

Fish Omelette & Baby Corn Over Steamed Rice

Char Siew Rice

Japanese Rice With Miso Soup

Non-Spicy Curry Chicken Stew

ZhaJiang Mian

Tuna Cream Cheese & Avocado Sandwich

Porridge With Long Beans, Tofu & Minced Chicken

Daily Menu

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